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Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod
A Feature of W.P.N.M Radio
Category: Kids & Family
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
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Bob Camardella began podcasting at Podomatic in October 2005 and at the Radio Nostalgia Network at in January 2006...

by Bob Camardella
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July 22, 2014 06:59 PM PDT
The Bloomsbury Ballad (Aired January 24, 1949)
His earliest cases, which he pursued as an amateur, came from fellow university students. According to Holmes, it was an encounter with the father of one of his classmates that led him to take up detection as a profession and he spent the six years following university working as a consulting detective, before financial difficulties led him to take Watson as a roommate, at which point the narrative of the stories begins. From 1881, Holmes is described as having lodgings at 221B Baker Street, London, from where he runs his private detective agency. 221B is an apartment up seventeen steps, stated in an early manuscript to be at the "upper end" of the road. Until the arrival of Dr. Watson, Holmes works alone. THIS EPISODE: January 24, 1949. Mutual network. "The Adventure Of The Bloomsbury Ballad". Sponsored by: Clipper Craft Clothes. John Stanley, George Spelvin (a name traditionally used by actors who wish to remain anonymous), Cy Harrice (announcer), Arthur Conan Doyle (creator), Basil Loughrane (producer, director), Albert Buhrman (music), Max Ehrlich (writer), Ian Martin. 25:44. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 22, 2014 03:00 PM PDT
Hunt And Peck (Aired March 6, 1949)
Alan Ladd's early portrayals of Dan Holiday did tend to be a bit pat, somewhat sparse in depth, and even wooden in the beginning. Ladd hired some excellent voice talent for his project, and these superb, veteran Radio professionals set a pretty high bar for Ladd, himself. Box 13 is highly expositional, as are most programs of the genre, and Ladd's grovelly, gritty voice lends itself well to the production. But by Episode #6 it seems apparent that Alan Ladd was beginning to hit his stride in the role. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. THIS EPISODE: March 6, 1949. Program #29. Mutual network origination, Mayfair syndication. "Hunt and Peck". Commercials added locally. Dan saves a man from the "chair" just a few hours before the end, but at the cost of an arm. Alan Ladd, Sylvia Picker, Rudy Schrager (composer, conductor), Vern Carstensen (production supervisor). 27:24. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 22, 2014 11:00 AM PDT
The Impossible Murder (Aired May 16, 1946)
Eugor was a state of mind, achieved when Rogue was knocked unconcious. Eugor would appear cackling like the host of Hermit's Cave and imparted some vital information the hero had overlooked. Rogue would then awaken with a vague idea of what to do next. Rogue's Gallery also starred different actors as Rogue, in later incarnations of the series, but Richard Powell was the most popular. This series preceded Richard Powell's most famous series, Richard Diamond, Private Detective. Rogue trailed lovely blondes and protected witnesses in the new tough guy persona of Dick Powell. This was the transition series for Powell in his quest to be recognized as an actor rather than a singer. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. THIS EPISODE: May 16, 1946. Mutual network. "The Impossible Murder". Sponsored by: Fitch's Shampoo, Fitch's Shaving Cream. "Judge" Colin Baker receives a death threat and hires Richard Rogue to protect him for a day. Rogue does a lousy job, as Baker is found dead, apparently strangled! Dee Englebach (producer, director), Dick Powell, Gerald Mohr, Jim Doyle (announcer), Leith Stevens (composer, conductor), Ray Buffum (writer), Peter Leeds (doubles). 29:30. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 22, 2014 07:00 AM PDT
Family Business In Toledo (Aired May 15, 1952)
Father Knows Best, a family comedy of the 1950s, is perhaps more important for what it has come to represent than for what it actually was. In essence, the series was one of a slew of middle-class family sitcoms in which moms were moms, kids were kids, and fathers knew best. Today, many critics view it, at best, as high camp fun, and, at worst, as part of what critic David Marc once labeled the "Aryan melodramas" of the 1950s and 1960s. The brainchild of series star Robert Young, who played insurance salesman Jim Anderson, and producer Eugene B. Rodney, Father Knows Best first debuted as a radio sitcom in 1949.The series began August 25, 1949, on NBC Radio. Set in the Midwest, it starred Robert Young as General Insurance agent Jim Anderson. His wife Margaret was first portrayed by June Whitley and later by Jean Vander Pyl. THIS EPISODE: May 15, 1952. "Family Business In Toledo." NBC network. Sustaining. Mrs. Anderson's family is moving from Toledo. The basement is full and must be cleaned out. That's Mr. Anderson's cue for a sudden trip. Robert Young, Ted Donaldson, Jean Vander Pyl, Rhoda Williams, Norma Jean Nilsson, Lynn Whitney, Howard Culver, Bill Forman, Don Stanley (announcer), Andrew C. Love (director), Paul West (writer), Roz Rogers (writer). 28:39. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 22, 2014 03:00 AM PDT
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" - Dead Or Alive (Aired September 9, 1950)
The radio series used contemporary cases and modern detective methods to solve crimes; it was a procedural drama, in many ways Dragnet with a Western flavor. The TV show was aimed at kids (and aired on Saturday mornings) and was more of a traditional Western (with chases and shoot-outs). The TV series did both modern cases and cases set in the "Old West." With new cases using a car with horse float to get the rangers to their destinations it always made sure that the use of horses was only a step away. With older themes they would always ride into town on the horses to mete out their justice, they wore differing ranger attire for new and old scenes, also their weaponry was totally different. THIS EPISODE: September 9, 1950. NBC network. "Dead Or Alive". Sustaining. Based on the events of April 16, 1947. The Texas City/Galveston disaster is the backdrop for a plan to have a wanted man switch identities with an unidentified corpse. Joel McCrea, Stacy Keach (producer, director), Hal Gibney (announcer). 30:22. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 21, 2014 11:00 PM PDT
The Case Of The Midnight Ride (Aired March 16, 1951)
Nero Wolf is a fictional detective created by American author Rex Stout in the 1930s and featured in dozens of novels and novellas.In the stories, Wolf is one of the most famous private detectives in the United States. He weighs about 285 pounds and is 5'11" tall. He raises orchids in a rooftop greenhouse in his New York City brownstone on West 35th Street, helped by his live-in gardener Theodore Horstmann. Wolf drinks beer throughout the day and is a glutton. He employs a live-in chef, Fritz Brenner. He is multilingual and brilliant, though apparently self-educated, and reading is his third passion after food and orchids. He works in an office in his house and almost never leaves home, even to pursue the detective work that finances his expensive lifestyle. Instead, his leg work is done by another live-in employee, Archie Goodwin. While both Wolf and Goodwin are licensed detectives, Goodwin is more of the classic fictional gumshoe, tough, wise-cracking, and skirt-chasing. He tells the stories in a breezy first-person narrative that is semi-hard-boiled in style.

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July 21, 2014 07:11 PM PDT
Inside The Line (Aired December 2, 1938)
Curtain Time had two separate runs on radio. The fist run was sponsored by General Mills from 1937 to 1939 and the second aired from 1945 to 1950, sponsored by the Mars Candy Co. Interesting is that this romantic drama had a theater setting and announcements with the announcer shouting "tickets please". Many of the episodes were romantic stories where a boy meets his dream girl and what happens afterwards. Announcer for the series was Harry Halcomb who was later known best for his appearances on the 60 minutes television show. Curtain Time is truly an Old Time Radio Classic. Mutual Network, local KNX show sustained, heard Fridays 7:30 - 8:00 pm THIS EPISODE: December 2, 1938. Mutual network, WGN, Chicago aircheck. "Inside The Line". Sponsored by: Kix (Richman Brothers local spot). A reporter and a Chinese girl are captured by a Japanese general during the invasion of China. But there's something strange about that girl! A few seconds are missing from the middle of the program for disc turnover. Olan Soule, Betty Lou Gerson, Henry Weber (music director), Blair Walliser (director), Norman Gottschalk, Don Gordon (announcer), Lou Herman, Burr Lee, Kay Limerick (writer). 33:12. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 21, 2014 03:00 PM PDT
Rocket From Manhattan (Aired February 11, 1972)
WyllisCooper left the show in 1936 and Oboler was given the job. Oboler lost no time establishing himself as the new master of the macabre. Between May 1936 and July 1938, he wrote and directed more than 100 Lights Out plays. To follow Cooper was a challenge: he was "the unsung pioneer of radio dramatic techniques," but Oboler had passed the test with his first play. His own name soon became synonymous with murder and gore, though horror as a genre had always left him cold. Oboler aspired to more serious writing. Oboler's shows are well represented -- this series of Lights Out was syndicated in The Devil and Mr. O offerings of 1970 - 73. A transcribed syndication of original broadcasts from 1942 - 43 with Arch Oboler as the host. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. THIS EPISODE: February 11, 1972. Mutual network. "Rocket From Manhattan". Sustaining. The twenty-third show of a series of twenty-six. A masterfully written story about the final destruction of the world because of Man's folly and the "Bomb." This program has been incorrectly identified as a "Lights Out" broadcast (it isn't). It has also been incorrectly titled, "A False Prophecy." Arch Oboler (host, writer), Ervin Lee, Elliott Lewis, Lou Merrill, Jack Meakin (composer, conductor), Jack Snell (sound), Bill James (sound), Mischa Peltz (engineer). 28:25. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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July 21, 2014 11:00 AM PDT
The Miss Universe Contest Murder (Aired July 27, 1954)
Peter Chambers, the dashing playboy private eye, came from the pen of Henry Kane. The output of his writing career included over 60 novels, including about 30 featuring Peter Chambers. In an interest- ing twist, Mr. Kane became the writer, director and producer for the radio series based on his characters. Crime & Peter Chambers aired in 1954 on NBC stations, running from April to September, 1954. A total of 23 30-minute shows were broad- cast of which 21 are in circulation, according to Jay Hickerson's "Ultimate Guide" (see References section below). The part of Peter Chambers was played Dane Clark. Clark previously acted tough guy parts in a number of movies, starting in 1942. He made a fairly convincing detective. Bill Zuckert played Lt. Parker in the series.

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July 21, 2014 07:00 AM PDT
Special Guests Are George Burns & Gracie Allen (Aired April 11, 1937)
Mary Livingstone as his wisecracking and not especially deferential female friend (not quite his girlfriend, since Benny would often try to date movie stars like Barbara Stanwyck, and occasionally had stage girlfriends such as "Gladys Zybisco"); rotund announcer Don Wilson (who also served as announcer for Fanny Brice's hit, Baby Snooks); bandleader Phil Harris as a jive-talking, wine-and-women type whose repartee was rather risqué for its time; boy tenor Dennis Day, who was cast as a sheltered, naïve youth who still got the better of his boss as often as not (this character was originated by Kenny Baker, but perfected by Day); and, especially, Eddie Anderson as valet-chauffeur Rochester van Jones who was as popular as Benny himself. THIS EPISODE: April 11, 1937. Red network, KFI, Los Angeles aircheck. Sponsored by: Jell-O. Mary reads a letter from Mama. Kenny Baker sings, "Moonlight and Roses." "Special Guests Are George Burns and Gracie Allen" appear to plug their new show for Grape Nuts which is just starting. Another "Buck Benny Rides Again" episode: "Ready, Willing, and Lame." Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Mary Livingstone, Kenny Baker, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Harry Baldwin, Ed Beloin (writer), Bill Morrow (writer). 29:48. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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