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Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod
A Feature of W.P.N.M Radio
Category: Kids & Family
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
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Bob Camardella began podcasting at Podomatic in October 2005 and at the Radio Nostalgia Network at Libsyn.com in January 2006...

by Bob Camardella
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September 05, 2015 03:00 AM PDT
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Hopalong Cassidy" - Plague Of Parson's Folly (Aired December 9, 1950)
Hopalong Cassidy is a cowboy hero, created in 1904 by Clarence E. Mulford, who wrote a series of popular stories and twenty-eight novels. (At the time Mulford invented the character, the name of the historical American outlaw Butch Cassidy had been before readers of newspapers in recent years.) In his early print appearances, the character appears as a rude, dangerous and rough-talking "galoot". Beginning in 1935, the character, played by William Boyd, was transformed into the clean-cut hero of a series of 66 immensely popular films, only a few of which relied on Mulford's works for more than the character. Mulford actually rewrote his earlier stories to fit the movie conception; these led in turn to a comic book series modeled after the films. THIS EPISODE: December 9, 1950. Program #50. Commodore syndication. "The Plague Of Parson's Folly". Commercials added locally. Hoppy and California find a wounded prospector in a church...mumbling something about a mine! William Boyd, Joseph Du Val, Walter White Jr. (producer, transcriber), Howard Swart (writer). 30:32. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 11:00 PM PDT
Leonas Room Starring Vincent Price (Aired February 25, 1949)
Johnny was a walking public relations campaign, reminding people of the product wherever he appeared. In exchange for $20,000 a year, Johnny promised never to appear in public without a bodyguard, and never to ride the New York subway during rush hour. When his salary rose to $50,000, PM insured his voice for the same amount. "Johnny" ads were prominent on billboards and in magazines. Always in his red bellhop’s uniform, he was seen "stepping out on storefronts all over America" to remind folks to smoke Philip Morris. THIS EPISODE: February 25, 1949. CBS network. "Leona's Room". Sponsored by: Philip Morris, Revelation Tobacco. A theater critic is blackmailed by a vaudeville mind-reader. A well written story! Vincent Price, Cathy Lewis, Morton Fine (writer), David Friedkin (writer), Johnny Roventini (commercial spokesman), William Spier (producer, editor, director), Lud Gluskin (music director), Art Ballinger (announcer). 29:36. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 07:00 PM PDT
Detour To Terror (Aired May 21, 1946)
Produced in New York, the cast usually consisted of veteran radio actors, with occasional guest appearances by such Hollywood stars Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Claude Rains. What made Inner Sanctum Mysteries unique among radio horror shows was its host, a slightly-sinister sounding man originally known as “Raymond.” The host had a droll sense of humor and an appetite for ghoulish puns, and his influence can be seen among horror hosts everywhere, from the Crypt-Keeper to Elvira. Raymond Edward Johnson was the show’s host until 1945; Paul McGrath took over the role until the show left the air in 1952. Producer Hiram Brown would utilize the creaking door again in the 1970s, when he produced and directed The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Inner Sanctum Mysteries was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988. THIS EPISODE: May 21, 1946. CBS network. "Detour To Terror". Sponsored by: Lipton Tea, Lipton Soup. A man and his twin sister are lured from a country road where they meet a strange blind man and his brother. Mason Adams, Emile Tepperman (writer), Mercedes McCambridge, Himan Brown (director), Paul McGrath (host), Mary Bennett (commercial spokesman), Berry Kroeger, Santos Ortega, Donald Dane. 28:42. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 03:00 PM PDT
Room For Improvement (Aired November 16, 1955)
The FBI in Peace and War was a radio crime drama inspired by Frederick Lewis Collins' book, The FBI in Peace and War. The idea for the show came from Louis Pelletier who wrote many of the scripts. Among the show's other writers were Jack Finke, Ed Adamson and Collins. It aired on CBS from November 25, 1944 to September 28, 1958, it had a variety of sponsors (including Lava Soap, Wildroot Cream-Oil, Lucky Strike, Nescafe and Wrigley's) over the years. In 1955 it was the eighth most popular show on radio, as noted in Time magazine. THIS EPISODE: November 16, 1955. CBS network origination, AFRTS rebroadcast. "Room For Improvement". An F. H. A. kickback racket is broken by the Feds when Eddie Norris falls for the daughter of a gangster. Martin Blaine, Don Briggs, Frederick L. Collins (creator), Betty Mandeville (producer, director). 23:50. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 11:00 AM PDT
Knocked Off His Feet (Aired May 11, 1951)
The 1944 CBS Summer season finale, Murder, Music and A Blonde Madonna, gives some credence to the way CBS promoted this first run. Starring Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston, a private operative, with Han Conried as Egon Zellschmidt in this first incarnation of Ken Thurston's nemesis, and Mary Jane Croft appearing in the role of Ken's love interest, Nancy Bessington, a reporter and Thurston's erstwhile fiance. We can only interpolate from what we've already turned up for this shortest run of The Man Called X, but it would appear that Hans Conried and Mary Jane Croft may have been regulars co-stars throughout that first season. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: May 11, 1951. "Knocked Off His Feet" - NBC network. Sponsored by: Anacin. Recorded April 25, 1951, with most commercials and the system cue added at the time of broadcast. Ken Thurston finds an elusive countess aboard an ocean liner en route to Hawaii, and a spy named George Korloff, dead for six months but recently seen in a bar in San Francisco! Carleton Young, George Neise, Harry Lang, Herbert Marshall, Jack Latham (announcer), Joan Banks, Leon Belasco, Peter Leeds, Will Wright. 27:54. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 07:00 AM PDT
The Businesswomen's Club (Aired January 17, 1947)
The Alan Young Show moved to television as a variety, sketch comedy show, taking an 11-month hiatus in 1952. When it returned for its final season in 1953, the tone and format of the show changed into the more conventional sitcom, with Young playing a bank teller with Dawn Addams cast as his girlfriend and Melville Faber portraying his son. The show alternated weeks with Ken Murray's The Ken Murray Show under the title Time to Smile. In the last two weeks of the season, the format returned to its earlier style, but it was cancelled at the end of the season. The Alan Young Show received two Emmy Awards during its run. Young was born Angus Young in North Shields, Northumberland, to John Cathcart Young, a shipyard worker, and Florence Pinckney, whose ancestors included a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. THIS EPISODE: January 17, 1947. NBC network. Sponsored by: Ipana, Minit-Rub, Vitalis. Alan is invited to deliver a lecture at "The Businesswomen's Club," while wearing a suit once worn by Walter Pidgeon. However, the suit turns out to have been worn by Edward G. Robinson! Al Schwartz (writer), Alan Young, Elvia Allman, George Wyle and His Orchestra, Hans Conried, Jean Vander Pyl, Jim Backus, Jimmy Wallington (announcer), Peter Leeds, Sherwood Schwartz (writer), Veola Vonn (commercial). 29:57. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 04, 2015 03:00 AM PDT
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Fort Laramie" - Audition Show With John Dehner (Aired July 25, 1955)
Fort Laramie opened with "Specially transcribed tales of the dark and tragic ground of the wild frontier. The saga of fighting men who rode the rim of empire and the dramatic story of Lee Quince, Captain of Cavalry". When Norman Macdonnell created Fort Laramie in late 1955, he made it clear to his writers that historical accuracy was essential to the integrity of the series. Correct geographic names, authentic Indian practices, military terminology, and utilizing actual names of the original buildings of the real fort, was insisted upon. So when the radio characters referred to the sutler's store (which is what the trading post was called prior to 1870), the surgeon's quarters, Old Bedlam (the officers' quarters) or the old bakery, they were naming actual structures in the original fort. While Macdonnell planned to use the same writers, soundmen, and supporting actors in Fort Laramie that he relied upon in Gunsmoke, he naturally picked different leads. Heading up the cast was a 39 year old, Canadian-born actor with a long history in broadcasting and the movies, Raymond Burr. He had begun his career in 1939, alternating between the stage and radio. He turned to Hollywood, and from 1946 until he got the part of Captain Lee Quince in Fort Laramie in 1956, he had appeared in thirty-seven films. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group and The Digital Deli.

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September 03, 2015 11:00 PM PDT
The Book Of Absolute Truth (1989) *The Exact Date Is Unknown.
Chet Chetter's Tales from the Morgue is a series of short stories as told by an old obliging morgue attendant, licensed embalmer and resident story teller named Chet Chetter to a passing stranger of the night played by you the listener. The stories Chet relates to us are all quite fanciful. They deal with topics that would be classified supernatural and science fiction. They border on outrageous but that is how they are meant to be. Roughly half of the shows feature a nice, likeable, rural southern manure hauler by the name of Elmer Korn who always finds himself involved in some inane predicament. The creators of the series themselves admit the show is rather off-beat but, you will find, not without it’s own charm which lies within the humorous writing and the recurring characters. This series was created and produced by M&J Audio Theater. The M stands for Mark Sawyer and the J is for Jay Reel. Two childhood friends who met in the 6th grade in 1977 with a tape recorder that had a mutual interest in radio drama as influenced by old time radio shows such as X Minus One, Lum and Abner, and Gunsmoke. Show Notes From The Old Time Radio Researcher's Group.

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September 03, 2015 07:00 PM PDT
Body On The Slab (Aired November 3, 1943)
Jock MacGregor was the producer-director of scripts by Alfred Bester, Milton J. Kramer, David Kogan and others. Background music was supplied by organists Hank Sylvern, Lew White and George Wright. Patsy Bowen, Nick's assistant, was portrayed by Helen Choate until mid-1946 and then Charlotte Manson stepped into the role. Nick and Patsy's friend was reporter Scubby Wilson (John Kane). Nick's contact at the police department was Sgt. Mathison (Ed Latimer). The supporting cast included Raymond Edward Johnson, Bill Johnstone and Bryna Raeburn. Michael Fitzmaurice was the program's announcer. The series ended on September 25, 1955. THIS EPISODE: November 3, 1943. Mutual network. "The Body On The Slab," or "The Mystery Of The Missing Husband". Sustaining. Lon Clark, Helen Choate, John Kane, Humphrey Davis, Jock MacGregor (producer, director, occasional writer), Lew White (musician). 29:30. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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September 03, 2015 03:00 PM PDT
Chrome Yellow Death (1956) *The Exact Date Is Unknown.
It's a Crime, Mr. Collins was a half-hour mystery/adventure radio program broadcast weekly from August, 1956 to February, 1957 by Mutual Broadcasting System in the United States that was a "flagrant rip-off of The Adventures of the Abbotts in which only the names had been changed." San Francisco private detective Greg Collins was played by Mandel Kramer (who had previously been heard as Lieutenant Tragg in the radio version of Perry Mason) and his wife, Gail Collins, was played by namesake Gail Collins. Each week, Gail Collins, "the gumshoe's gorgeous spouse -- with green-eyed predilections emerging as curvaceous damsels in distress frequently petitioned her husband -- shared his investigative exploits with her Uncle Jack and thereby with the listeners at home." THIS EPISODE: 1956. Mutual network origination, syndicated. "The Chrome Yellow Death". Commercials added locally. Mr. and Mrs. Collins are in tropical Argentina, where they find death by "bolas" and "marijuana" cigarettes. The date is approximate. Mandel Kramer, Gail Collins, Richard Denning. 28:33. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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