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Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod
A Feature of W.P.N.M Radio
Category: Kids & Family
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
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Bob Camardella began podcasting at Podomatic in October 2005 and at the Radio Nostalgia Network at in January 2006...

by Bob Camardella
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January 23, 2015 03:00 PM PST
Murder Among The Statues (Aired December 1, 1953)
Sinatra's greatest initial dramatic role in From Here To Eternity was released October 19, 1953, just weeks after Rocky Fortune began its 26-week run on NBC. As we all know now, From Here to Eternity was a box-office smash, propelling Sinatra into a whole new career in Film. Thus, as with Alan Ladd in his Mayfair Productions program, Box-13, Sinatra--and Las Vegas and Hollywood--found a far greater immediate demand for his talent on stage and in Film. The Big-Screen's gain was Radio's loss. Compounding any hope of a second season of Rocky Fortune, Ava Gardner's movie Mogambo was also released on October 9, 1953. Thus, both Frank Sinatra's and Ava Gardner's careers were approaching critical junctures--a publicists dream, but rapidly dimming any possibility for a continuation of Rocky Fortune, or any other such Radio vehicle for Frank Sinatra. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: December 1, 1953. "Murder Among The Statues" - NBC network. Sustaining. Rocky is working for an art dealer, when a statue becomes green. This is very interesting to a wealthy collector. This is a network version. Frank Sinatra, Jan Miner, Joseph Julian, Ed Begley, Ted Osborne, Leon Janney, Mandel Kramer, Ernest Kinoy (writer), Fred Weihe (director), Ray Barrett (announcer). 23:46. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 23, 2015 11:00 AM PST
The Man Who Liked The Mountains (Aired August 7, 1948)
Jeff Regan, Investigator was one of the three detective shows Jack Webb did before Dragnet (see also Pat Novak For Hire and Johnny Modero: Pier 23). It debuted on CBS in July 1948. Webb played JEFF REGAN, a tough private eye working in a Los Angeles investigation firm run by Anthony J. Lyon. Regan introduced himself on each show "I get ten a day and expenses...they call me the Lyon's Eye." The show was fairly well-plotted, Webb's voice was great, and the supporting cast were skillful. Regan handled rough assignments from Lion, with whom he was not always on good terms. He was tough, tenacious, and had a dry sense of humor. The voice of his boss, Anthony Lion, was Wilms Herbert. The show ended in December 1948 but was resurrected in October 1949 with a new cast; Frank Graham played Regan (later Paul Dubrov was the lead) and Frank Nelson portrayed Lion. THIS EPISODE: August 7, 1948. CBS network. "The Man Who Liked Mountains". Sustaining. "Big Ed" Kittredge has disappeared...a most unsavory character Betty Lou Gerson, E. Jack Neuman (writer), Edgar Barrier, Eve McVeagh, Gordon T. Hughes (producer), Jack Webb, Jeff Chandler, Laurette Fillbrandt, Richard Aurandt (music), Sidney Miller, William Conrad, Wilms Herbert. 29:49. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 23, 2015 07:00 AM PST
The Boxing Champion (Aired November 23, 1954)
Hancock's Half-Hour is the yardstick against which all subsequent British sitcoms have been measured, the vast majority failing to size up to its extremely high standards. Based on his famous radio show of the same name, the TV run consolidated Tony Hancock's standing as Britain's leading comic of the day, the entertainer providing ample proof that his wonderfully flexible face could be as expressive as his dextrous radio voice. Tony Hancock was at the height of his powers during the late 1950s, squeezing every comic ounce out of his lines, pulling off perfectly judged pauses and demonstrating a sense of timing to match the great Jack Benny's. His character - Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock - was invariably a loser, whose aspirations and plans were dashed by fate, circumstance, Sid James or, more often than not, his own pomposity or unfettered ambition. Hancock suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune ruefully, occasionally lamenting his lot with the heartfelt phrase 'Stone me, what a life'. The screen Hancock's misery was the viewer's delight.

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January 23, 2015 03:00 AM PST
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Gunsmoke" - Legal Revenge (Aired February 5, 1956)
The radio show first aired on April 26, 1952 and ran until June 18, 1961 on the CBS radio network. The series starred William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon, Howard McNear as Doc Charles Adams, Georgia Ellis as Kitty Russell, and Parley Baer as Deputy Chester Proudfoot. Doc's first name and Chester's last name were changed for the television program. Gunsmoke was notable for its critically acclaimed cast and writing, and is commonly regarded as one of the finest old time radio shows. Some listeners (such as old time radio expert John Dunning) have argued that the radio version of Gunsmoke was far more realistic than the television program. THIS EPISODE: February 5, 1956. CBS network. "Legal Revenge". Sponsored by: L & M, Chesterfield. Marshal Dillon and Chester visit a cabin out on the prairie with a dying man and his strange wife. There's an unusual secret between them. The script was used on the Gunsmoke television series on November 17, 1956. Bobby Haggart is introduced as the whistler on the Chesterfield commercials. The system cue is added live. William Conrad, John Meston (writer), Norman Macdonnell (producer, director), Rex Koury (composer, conductor), Tom Hanley (sound patterns), Bill James (sound patterns), George Fenneman (commercial spokesman), Helen Kleeb, Lawrence Dobkin, Stacy Harris, Georgia Ellis, Parley Baer, Howard McNear, Bob Haggart, George Walsh (announcer). 24:34. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 11:00 PM PST
2 Episodes " Birth of the Balloon" (09-17-46 and "Dynamite" (10-08-46)
A wonderfully informative old time radio series can be found in Adventures In Research. With tales that are not only wonderfully dramatic, but at the same time extremely interesting and entertaining. Adventures In Research offers the listener accounts in American scientific research history. You will be enthralled, as will your children. Best of all, in regards to providing a great educational tool for children, the episodes are made for their attention span, and run approximately fifteen minutes. Hear about the development of the parachute; History of 1st Regular Radio Broadcast; learn about the George Westinghouse; be amazed at The First American Patent; the horrible Dread Scourge - Typhus; be in awe of The Man Who Found A Continent; and so much more wonderful history. TODAY'S SHOW: September 17, 1946 - Program #191. Westinghouse syndication. "The Birth Of The Balloon". Sustaining. A story about the Montgolfier brothers and the beginnings of manned flight. . 15 minutes. October 8, 1946 - Program #194. Westinghouse syndication. "Dynamite". Sustaining. The history of dynamite and Alfred Noble. . 15 minutes. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 06:56 PM PST
Death Pays A Visit (Aired June 11, 1945)
The stories followed an effective formula in which a person's criminal acts were typically undone either by an overlooked but important detail or by their own stupidity. On rare occasions a curious twist of fate caused the story to end happily for the episode's protagonist. Ironic twist endings were a key feature of each episode. The Whistler himself narrated, often commenting directly upon the action in the manner of a Greek chorus, taunting the criminal from an omniscient perspective. Bill Forman had the title role of host and narrator. Others who portrayed the Whistler at various times were Gale Gordon, Joseph Kearns, Marvin Miller (announcer for The Whistler and The Bickersons and later as Michael Anthony on TV's The Millionaire), Bill Johnstone (who had the title role on radio's The Shadow from 1938 to 1943) and Everett Clarke. Cast members included Hans Conried, Joseph Kearns, Cathy Lewis, Elliott Lewis, Gerald Mohr, Lurene Tuttle and Jack Webb. THIS EPISODE: June 11, 1945. CBS Pacific network. "Death Pays A Visit". Sponsored by: Signal Oil. Jack Crowley needs $10,000 fast to cover the shortage in his accounts at the bank. Along comes laughing cousin Charlie for a weekend visit...with $10,000 in cash! The course of action called for seems obvious. Was it a coincidence that the "greedy" wife is named, "Trina?" George W. Allen (director), Lewis Reed (writer), Wilbur Hatch (music), Marvin Miller (announcer), Elliott Lewis. 29:14. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 03:00 PM PST
Dirty Politics (Aired March 17, 1950)
The Halls of Ivy featured Colman as William Todhunter Hall, the president of small, Midwestern Ivy College, and his wife, Victoria, a former British musical comedy star who sometimes felt the tug of her former profession, and followed their interactions with students, friends and college trustees. Others in the cast included Herbert Butterfield as testy Clarence Wellman, Willard Waterman (then starring as Harold Peary's successor as The Great Gildersleeve) as John Merriweather, and Elizabeth Patterson and Gloria Gordon as the Halls' maid. THIS EPISODE: March 17, 1950. NBC network. Sponsored by: Schlitz Beer. Is "Dirty Politics aka: Willow Walk" a lover's lane or a den of vice? Dr. Hall battles P. T. Grainger, a machine politician. Benita sneezes on cue in the script, but must have sprayed someone as the audience cracks up. Ronald Colman, Benita Hume, Ken Carpenter (announcer), Edwin Max, Eleanor Audley, Herb Butterfield, Henry Russell (composer, conductor), Walter Brown Neuman (writer), Don Quinn (creator, writer), Nat Wolff (director). 27:43. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 11:00 AM PST
Murder Squares The Triangle (Aired August 19, 1954)
The series was created by Dashall Hammott and was first heard on the ABC network Jan. 21, 1946. J. Scott Smart fit the part of the Fat Man perfectly, weighing in at 270 pounds himself. When he spoke, there was no doubt that this was the voice of a big guy. Smart gave a witty, tongue-in-cheek performance and helped make THE FAT MAN one of the most popular detective programs on the air. Smart also appeared in The March Of Time (early 1930s), the Theater Guild On The Air, Blondie, and The Fred Allen Show. There was also an version made in Australia, syndicated on the Artansa lable, about 1954. There are at least 36 shows available from vendors. The Australian Fat Man was played possibly by Lloyd Berrell. Although not featuring J. Scott Smart, who really fit the part, the series is quite good. THIS EPISODE: August 19, 1954. Program #1. Grace Gibson syndication (Australia). "Murder Squares The Triangle". Commercials added locally. The wife of a millionaire is being blackmailed by the detective hired by the wealthy husband. The husband is murdered, as is the landlady of a man who doesn't exist! The program has an Australian cast and was produced in that country. This program was syndicated and therefore dates varied by station and are subject to correction. Lloyd Berrill, Grace Gibson (producer), Dashiell Hammett (creator). 28:17. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 07:00 AM PST
Sales Resistance (Aired October 5, 1951)
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet premiered on ABC on October 10, 1952, staying until September 3, 1966. The show strove for realism and featured exterior shots of the Nelsons' actual southern California home at 1822 Camino Palmero Street in Los Angeles as the fictional Nelsons' home. Interior shots were filmed on a sound stage recreated to look like the real interior of the Nelsons' home. Like its radio predecessor, the series focused mainly on the Nelson family at home, dealing with run-of-the-mill problems. As the series progressed and the boys grew up, storylines involving various characters were introduced. Many of the series storylines were taken from the Nelsons' real life. THIS EPISODE: October 5, 1951. ABC network. Sponsored by: Heinz Foods. Ozzie shows an amazing lack of "Sales Resistance" and comes up smelling like a rose, literally. Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, Verna Felton, Sheldon Leonard, H. J. Heinz, Verne Smith (announcer), David Nelson, Ricky Nelson, John Brown, Lurene Tuttle, Billy May (composer, conductor). 30:41. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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January 22, 2015 03:00 AM PST
Boxcars711 Overnight Western "Frontier Gentleman" Justice Of The Peace (Aired July 13, 1958)
The premise has J.B. Kendall, a cashiered British Cavalry officer who spent most of his military career in the Punjab area of India. He takes a position with the London Times, on assignment to cover the developing frontier of the Montana and Wyoming Territories of America during the 1870s. His portfolio is to transmit first-person accounts of the roaring American frontier, offering insights into that tumultous time of exploration, colonization, warring Indian tribes, and the rampant anarchy still prevalent in most of the frontier towns of the era. The premise would normally sell itself, but may have been too little, too late for its time. Any new Radio western--no matter how novel--was pretty much doomed at the outset during the late 1950s. Television was already in reruns of the twenty to thirty western adventures that proliferated on TV during the 1950s. THIS EPISODE: July 13, 1958. CBS network. "Justice Of The Peace". Sustaining. A woman justice of the peace is unable to prevent the lynching of an Indian accused of murder. John Dehner, Jack Kruschen, Lou Krugman, Paula Winslowe, Jack Moyles, Antony Ellis (writer, producer, director), Bud Sewell (announcer), Tom Holland. 26:19. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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